First of many!

How many times do you think a blogger can make a ‘First Blog Post’ entry?  I am starting to realize this event can happen multiple times, especially if you feel as though something is holding you back.  A blog is very personal, but can be shared with the world.  I am hoping, after many restless nights over thinking how I would approach my blog, that I have finally made peace with the direction I want to go in.

I want to help people, inspire others, give hope to those who are feeling the same way as I do.  To give a completely naked look into my life.  Exposing all of my flaws to my readers, helping myself in the process to strive for self improvement.  Of course, also to document my family life, to look back on in the future.  I read countless blogs that have been around for years, to think that now they get to look back at all those memories blows my mind.  A few clicks and movements of a mouse and you can relive a moment that was important enough to you to write about.  I am not saying this blog will ever make sense, that it will ever have a correct flow, is that even a thing?  I’m such a sporadic person that there may be days where I post more then once.  Hey, who cares, this is my spot.  Right?  And it’s going to be EPIC.  

Here’s to hoping this spot on the web that I call my own helps my sanity!  

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