Round 2, & Go!

I have no patience.  With certain things at least, such as the process of real estate.  The sell and buy world is not for me, nope.  Maybe if I was the realtor who is organizing everything, that seems more up my alley, behind the scenes making others lives easier.  Moving to Las Vegas, I did not expect to ever be in the situation I am in right now.  I am in an alternate reality, I swear, I have to be, right?


Let us start at the semi-beginning to not make this the most dragged on post ever.  I met my husband, Dustin, in Las Vegas, where I was currently living, as well as my parents.  He ended up in Las Vegas via the military, lucky him right?  Can you imagine hearing, or maybe reading, you are now stationed in the wonderful land of Sin City, aka Las Vegas Nevada, enjoy, thank you for your service.  When we met, it was pretty instant and things moved fast.  By fast I mean, the Flash status.  He was moving off of base due to getting divorced, and you can only live in base housing if you have a dependent.  I helped throw away his ex-wife’s wedding dress.  Yup, I sure did, do I feel bad, no.  Well, kind of, but at the same time no not really, since she did leave it behind on purpose.  That’s not the kinda thing you forget if you really wanted to keep it, knowing that you are going home across country and that your ex has to finish cleaning the property you two resided in.  So, yeah, once again, I don’t really feel all that bad.  Sure is quite the memory though.  How many people can say they were apart of such a semi-awkward moment, I bet not many, then again…  


Fast forward a first apartment, first cat together, marriage, and two kids.  Wow, time sure has flown by, 7 years to be exact.  We now, and by now I mean, 8 months ago from today, live in Walbridge Ohio.  We moved to Ohio after Dustin got out of the service, we needed to lean on family for a while to get back on our feet and see where life would take us after the military.  We ended up buying a trailer and completely remodeling it.  That’s a whole different post, because it was a pretty awesome experience.  Then, randomly, my brother moves out of my parents house.  We had always in the back of our minds wish we didn’t have to leave Vegas, especially to end up in a small town outside of Toledo Ohio.  We missed everything a tourist city offered.  So we decided to pack up the kids, sell our trailer which was home for a few years now, and make our journey back to Vegas.  Our plan had always been to stay with my parents for awhile, save up money, and then find a house to buy.  


BAM!  Hit with reality, since we didn’t make the conscious decision to check the housing market before we left.  Big mistake, houses here are 5 times more than they are in Toledo, or the outskirts of the city which is pretty much all corn fields and big old houses.  Big, big, big mistake.  When we did reach this brick spiked wall, we really couldn’t believe we overlooked such a major factor in a move this big.  Few weeks roll by, and we were slowly realizing that maybe we have to cut our loss, and move back to Ohio.  At least taking from it that we were able to spend time with my parents, and also for them to spend time with the boys.  This is where my parents age came into play, my dad is 81, and will be turning 82 July 11.  Mom just a few years below him, can you kinda see why we would want to move back even more so?  Older parents mean us, as the kids, even though we are still young, especially minded, have to step up a bit more early on in life to prepare for bigger life decisions such as, the end.  The one thing no one wants to think about, talk about, or prepare for.  You have to though, it’s part of life, it happens, and one should only be so happy that it will occur so late in life.  They are both still very active, which is great, and both in good health.  So that’s all a plus, but, at this age, you have to put a plan in order since all that can change at any time.  With my brother moving to a different state, which, if you ask me, was kinda a kick in the ass.  Who would move away from elderly parents?  He is also much older than I am, and it had to cross his mind, who is going to take care of them when the tables are turned.


Our decision finally came up in small talk, that our plan was to move back to Ohio and buy a house that we could actually obtain.  Understanding and bummed was the feeling, both ways really.  We were understanding of our situation and of course, bummed was the next feeling after knowing your plans would have to be foiled.  A few days passed, probably just enough to get the old mind rolling with ideas on how to avoid having your kids AND grandchildren move away, once again.  


The plan, the decision, the thing that turned our world upside down.  To each and every one of us, our lives would change.  My parents proposed the idea of selling their current home, the home I had lived in since I was 10, the house that was supposed to be their retirement home, and put a down payment on a bigger home.  Meaning that Dustin and I would take out a loan to make up the rest, but in the end we would keep the equity that my parents had been building up for over 19 years.  The one thing every parent wants to do is set their children up in life better than they had it.  Always wanting to pass something down, not letting it all be for nothing.  For all we do, in the end, IF one chooses to have children, is FOR your children.  It doesn’t matter if it wasn’t always your plan in life, but once you have that first baby, you’re pretty much re-wired to have your life revolve around this small unknowing baby.  Unless you’re one of those individuals whose got a misfire going on in the ole noodle.  I have no clue what’s going on with those cases…we do live in a crazy world.


So here goes our journey, into a multi-generation home.


So far the journey has consisted of the headaches and quite the learning experience of what is involved in selling a home, all to buy another home.  It hasn’t been all rainbows and looking at real estate, which a lot of people find to be one of the more fun parts.  I would have to say, when I asked how easy is this transition going to be, knowing that this is a pretty common thing to do in life, buy and sell that is.  I wish I would have had more of an eye opener, more of a blunt and realistic vision to roll with.  I don’t need to be sold on the, it’s no problem, we are hired to relieve the stress and make this an easy transition for your family.  


Ahem, but here we go, once again, rolling right along this new scary journey…..Enjoy coming along for the ride dear readers!  If anyone is even here, or if you pick up later on in my blogging life.  

Rolling right along…in what feels like a beater vehicle that keeps overheating and smells kinda funky.  You with me?

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