Valentines Day

Well, if you want to see how my day went, it went a lot like this.

What are ya gonna do?  Mother nature takes all it’s wonderful innocent little creatures as prisoner for at least one week, whenever she so pleases.  More then one reason to have chocolate!, right?

So, the boy will be home for 5 days straight.  An extended Presidents Day, I am pretty sure I didn’t get this luxury when I was in school.  When did they even start this?  Is it like this every where?  All I can think of is sleep *YES!* and boy troubles.  Two boys in a small empty house that is getting packed up.  Things will be broken, tears will be shed, fights will break out.  Brotherly love WILL be something we, the rest of the adults, will be enjoying all weekend long.  Catch my drift?

I foresee a lot of the above going on, thankfully Dustin works from home, and is a slave to fatherhood.  Speaking of Dustin, he really insisted on going to dinner tonight without the boys for the holiday.  Wait, is Valentines day considered a legit holiday?  I don’t even know, for some reason writing it out as a holiday just seems odd.  When I think holiday, I think the last 3 months of the year, the crazy awesome months.  Oh well.  I countered with we should probably go out on Sunday since I hate asking last minute for my parents to watch the boys.  Even if it is family, people have lives, and notice is always the way to go.  A rescheduled Valentines Day for us is in the works!

I am working on my very own FIRST freebie ever.  I have been meaning to get a recipe binder going instead of just having it pile up on Pinterest, and then someday disappearing when the blog goes down, or falls into the deep abyss of the interwebs.  I can’t lose an amazing recipe from a culinary genius thousands of miles away from me just because I didn’t take the time to write down his/her recipe!  My stomach would forever hate me, especially if it was a hit with the boys.  Think about it, making a meal for your husband and kids and it comes out spectacular.  Eaten without a complaint, and the children are off to bed with full bellies, and no snack in sight. We are dreaming!  There is always room for a snack with kids, even if they ate their weight in food.  Some how, some way, they NEED that snack.  Anyways, a recipe that good can’t be forgotten.

So tomorrow, finish up the recipe binder hopefully, and..APPRAISER comes at noon!


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