Appraisal Day

Yes, I am still working on my recipe binder.  Of course, it’s me, and I take forever to get a project done.  Soon though, you all will have my finished product haha that will hopefully help you in your kitchen, or if you’re looking to fill your day with a project.

So, Noah has had a cough for about four weeks, yes I said four.  I kept a good eye on it, figured it was from all of us cleaning the house.  Literally everything in my parents house was moved and cleaned, and then some things were put into storage so a photographer could get good shots of the house.  I assumed it was from all of the dust or cleaning products irritating his throat making him cough.  Today it was just out of control, coughing every few seconds, something had to be done to ease this poor boy.  It was to the point where if I was coughing that much I would have been pissed.   Off we went to the Ped’s, coming out with nothing to worry about, thankfully.  You know with the whole flu going around, you always have it on your mind.  I wasn’t too concerned this time though since he didn’t have any other symptoms.  Noah has always been the one to always catch everything that is going around, so I am just going to try to keep my eye on him.  More then I already do haha, one of those moms.  After we left we went to Goodwill to scavenge some books for my thrift store bookcase, which I will be blogging about when we move and it’s all set up and I can look at my conquests.  It’s seriously like a attack and conquer feeling.

Then we wandered over to Tj Max, mm, sweet sweet deals.  Seriously love Tj Max, although I never buy clothes from them.  I really only go in to look at house things, and today for a planner.  The best thing about this store is, you never really know what they are going to have.

The worst thing about this store is, if you like something and really want it, but decide not to get it……It will probably not be there the next time you stop in.  Early bird catches the worm kinda place, and I love it!  Except the clothes…..They are still kinda pricey if you ask me.  Everything else though….I want!

The struggle is real people.  I seriously wanted that macaroon PLUSH blanket.  It took a lot of control, but, ya know, adulting.  Mom’s gotta do, what a mom’s gotta do, take a picture and keep on pushing the cart on by.  One day, one day this mom will have a job, and another designer will come out with an even better macaroon blanket.  Yup, that’s gonna be MY day.  How many moms out there say this to themselves in stores?  I can not be alone on this one guys.  I know it’s only 14.99, but it all adds up man.  All adds up to a ZERO if you’re not careful lol  One day….

But yes, I did buy the planner.  It was an amazing deal for a full sized planner, like the big one guys.  I love it, & it will be used!  That’s my goal, this year is seriously going to be my year.  The year that this mom, this GIRL, LADY, CHICK, grows up.  Kind of……

Because we all know…..We only “look” grown up.  KINDA.  If you know what I mean…

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