8 Spot Keno

Seriously, this was a pretty awesome sign.  I will miss you Baja Fresh, even though I don’t think I ever actually ordered anything from this particular location.  Which is at the Texas Station Casino, that I hadn’t been inside for about 6 years now.  Sunday funday was needed that’s for sure.  Dustin and I hadn’t gone on an adult date in so long, which we really need to change.  Being out with the family is great and all, but you seriously need that one on one time.  Maybe we should make it a once a week kind of thing, I mean, we don’t even necessarily need to spend money.  Living here, in Las Vegas lets us experience so many things.  Just walking around Fremont people watching can be an amazing time.  Perhaps we will do that next weekend, just to see what we can see haha, and to spend that quality time together as well.

I really do need to start working on our relationship, the both of us need to take a step back and realize that we have wants as a unit.  Not everyone is like us, some people are aware that there is value in setting time aside away from the kids just for the two of you to reconnect.  This year I really hope we continue to work on us.  We are a foundation that a LOT of things rest upon.  No one should ever feel bad for having to have a babysitter when you need one.  I feel the time I have away from my boys is seriously needed to be a better mother.  I need the time away, to just be in charge of myself, to recharge my mind.  Especially since I don’t work, I tend to get into a routine lacking interaction and experiences that I need as an adult.  As ME in general.

Of course, this was quite the wake up call!  Pretty much felt like, you seriously deserved tonight to be out, to be free, to be YOU.  Yes, I do believe in signs.  I am taking this as a sign that I need to spend more time on me, more time on my marriage, and in the end…if all this is done, I can be a better mother, a better ME.


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