Make A Move

I am seriously SUFFERING.  I can’t take it any longer.  House searching sucks balls!  Big sweaty hairy freaking BALLS.  What made me think I would enjoy this, seriously?  What movie land did I think I would take a dip in and life would just unravel ever so nicely.  WAKE UP ROBIN.  Things hardly EVER work like they do in your brain.  BTW my brain, is the shi*.  Just saying.

Woke up this morning like a slug since Dustin would be taking Noah to school.  So, you know, the typical stretch, sleep, open one eye to see what’s up, roll over, repeat lol.  Next thing I know I am dressed and partially made up with some mascara, in the drivers seat going to look at houses.  Off we go……………………………………and we go……

To not really liking anything, until the end of the day.  Down to one house.  Prime Local.  School District Exceptional.  3 bedrooms.  +1 handyman = 4 bedrooms, NO LOFT.  Two separate living rooms downstairs.

No loft. 🙁 BUT, the location is an investment.

A good investment.

I hope.

So here we go.


Offer put in.

Now we wait.

..yes I know shit can still get screwy from here on out..

..bring it..

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