Oh, hey, it’s me Robin.

Where have I been you ask?  Oh, *insert sly laugh*, you know, I just love to pull a disappearing act of course.  But no really, I am so disappointed.  Who pays for a URL and Hosting and doesn’t blog??  This lady, this mom, this freaking wife.  Shame.  Things have been…draining.  Mentally.  Last I was here I went on and on about how I am sure a multi-generational home would not be a big deal at all.  Let me tell you, boy oh boy, was I ever WRONG.  Although I was wrong and naive, I am still pushing forward.  Always trying to keep my cool, let things fly, not get to wrapped up into my anxiety.

I am not weak minded and I do have drive.  I will make this work, I will be fine, and I know at the end of the day I am still making the right decision.

I started a thing, a thing just for me, a major project thing, a thing to occupy my time and mind.  I am loving this “thing” this “gig” I have got going on.  It’s earning me money, money as a stay at home mom.  Money that I didn’t have to hand over to some corporate ponzi scheme artist company with brilliant minds and ever reaching hands, deep deep pockets.  It gives me an adrenaline rush, something to think about before I fall asleep at night, other then house wife life of all the things I could clean the following day.  That kind of satisfaction only lasts for so long until it is undone, and I have to add it to my To Do List once again.  Rinse and Repeat.  I can’t wait to share with you all, all of you eager people, staying home, trying to make the best decision for your family, but still needing more in life.  I plan on making a whole post about my new found addiction, stay tuned.  For now I leave you this, this picture of pure freedom and not a care in the world.  Except for the only wonder he has, as many other children, ‘Can I have a snack?’, their only care in the world I swear.

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