Oh, hey, it’s me Robin.

Where have I been you ask?  Oh, *insert sly laugh*, you know, I just love to pull a disappearing act of course.  But no really, I am so disappointed.  Who pays for a URL and Hosting and doesn’t blog??  This lady, this mom, this freaking wife.  Shame.  Things have been…draining.  Mentally.  Last I was here I went on and on about how I am sure a multi-generational home would not be a big deal at all.  Let me tell you, boy oh boy, was I ever WRONG.  Although I was wrong and naive, I am still pushing forward.  Always trying to keep my cool, let things fly, not get to wrapped up into my anxiety.

I am not weak minded and I do have drive.  I will make this work, I will be fine, and I know at the end of the day I am still making the right decision.

I started a thing, a thing just for me, a major project thing, a thing to occupy my time and mind.  I am loving this “thing” this “gig” I have got going on.  It’s earning me money, money as a stay at home mom.  Money that I didn’t have to hand over to some corporate ponzi scheme artist company with brilliant minds and ever reaching hands, deep deep pockets.  It gives me an adrenaline rush, something to think about before I fall asleep at night, other then house wife life of all the things I could clean the following day.  That kind of satisfaction only lasts for so long until it is undone, and I have to add it to my To Do List once again.  Rinse and Repeat.  I can’t wait to share with you all, all of you eager people, staying home, trying to make the best decision for your family, but still needing more in life.  I plan on making a whole post about my new found addiction, stay tuned.  For now I leave you this, this picture of pure freedom and not a care in the world.  Except for the only wonder he has, as many other children, ‘Can I have a snack?’, their only care in the world I swear.

Make A Move

I am seriously SUFFERING.  I can’t take it any longer.  House searching sucks balls!  Big sweaty hairy freaking BALLS.  What made me think I would enjoy this, seriously?  What movie land did I think I would take a dip in and life would just unravel ever so nicely.  WAKE UP ROBIN.  Things hardly EVER work like they do in your brain.  BTW my brain, is the shi*.  Just saying.

Woke up this morning like a slug since Dustin would be taking Noah to school.  So, you know, the typical stretch, sleep, open one eye to see what’s up, roll over, repeat lol.  Next thing I know I am dressed and partially made up with some mascara, in the drivers seat going to look at houses.  Off we go……………………………………and we go……

To not really liking anything, until the end of the day.  Down to one house.  Prime Local.  School District Exceptional.  3 bedrooms.  +1 handyman = 4 bedrooms, NO LOFT.  Two separate living rooms downstairs.

No loft. 🙁 BUT, the location is an investment.

A good investment.

I hope.

So here we go.


Offer put in.

Now we wait.

..yes I know shit can still get screwy from here on out..

..bring it..

Second To The Right, Straight On Till Morning

You have seriously been talking like crazy, it’s like every few minutes you push out another word.  It’s amazing getting to know you, you’re so feisty.  What a STRONG personality for such a big little man, you make your presence known that’s for sure.  Grandpa is convinced you’re going to be Mr. Popular in school, we will see if he is right one day!  You know exactly what you are doing and what we are saying, but you are hiding exactly how much you understand us at the same time.  Probably trying to sway things to your advantageSmart move.  We see you!  We know what you’re up to Mr. Yoshi.

I can definitely say I believe you were 10 pounds when you were born.  Took me by surprise at the time, had to send dear Dad back home for bigger clothes.  No newborn outfits for you, so many cute outfits lost, haha oh well.  You are still extremely heavy and I have all the back pain to prove it.  Thank goodness you are starting to learn to stick with your family when we are out.  That’s quite the big boy move you have made recently.  I still remember all the times I thought MAYBE I could put you down to walk and you would stay by me, or at least hold my hand.  Nope, you were a runner.  You wanted to go somewhere, anywhere, and FAST.  It doesn’t help that you have such a strong personality, and like I said, you make sure everyone knows you are around.  Even if that isn’t always in the most adorable way.

We still can not go by the fishes at the market, you absolutely will not leave them.  It’s the end of the freaking world to you.  Dustin and I have learned that pet stores are also out of the question, that has to be the biggest fit I have ever seen you throw, in public, your world was crumbling.  As if we set the place on fire as we were walking out.  That’s how severe your emotions were.

We feel as though you are just really recently discovered your brother Noah.  You knew he was around before, but now you are his shadow.  When he is at school you have been caught hugging on his precious Pooh Pooh’s.  When you first see him after some time, such as after school, you run up to him with open arms wanting a huge hug.  Over and over again, you’re not satisfied until Noah has had enough.  You copy almost everything he does, or at least try to.

You seriously are the pickiest eater.  You have missed out on ice cream, cake, certain cookies, TONS of other things because you absolutely refuse to eat them.  You LOVE rice, japanese curry, noodles, and oh my goodness are you Angelica Pickles’ long lost relative.  Your number one thing you can eat a ton of till you pass out are classic chocolate chip cookies.  I will be hiding them from you when you realize you can push a chair over to the pantry and with your height, probably succeed.  We have moved forward from just the counter considering you are so freaking tall and can reach them easily.  No cookie is safe.

You’re number one item is still your blue blanket, which we have named Blank Blank.  You know your colors, minus things like peach and turquoise haha, we have the basics down.  When I ask you, “Where is your…such and such?”, you can point to it, such as your nose, ears, eyes, and tummy.  The more we teach you the faster you are picking it up, it’s amazing.

You have an iPad, but I don’t feel as though you are dependent on it.  Right now in this technology crazed period children are getting quite obsessed with this device.  You don’t seem to be,  you would rather play with your toys.  The imagination you have I bet is so extensive.  Watching you play with toys is so fascinating to me since your brother was never into toys like you are.  He was more so a blocks kinda guy, always building something.  Dinosaurs are your absolute favorite right now, the top priority toy to play with, or watch on the TV.  Pretty typical boy though when it comes to other toys.  Cars, trucks, planes, and ships.

Coloring has been rocking your world lately.  I finally bought you your own set of crayons, *super washable* they say…I will be testing that out soon since you decided to draw on your closet door.  When you were busted you stared at me for a minute, realizing you had done something wrong, and then started to shove the crayons under the door into the closet as if I wouldn’t notice.

So far we haven’t noticed anything you are afraid of, or wont try.  You love the water, you love rides that give you a thrill, and as of right now you are not weary of new people.  Thrill seeker you are though, like crazy.  Faster and higher are your preferred types of rides.  The rides for your age group though, seem to bore you.  Lucky duck!  You’re super tall, so you get to ride some of the bigger kid rides.  I bet that pleases you to no end.


8 Spot Keno

Seriously, this was a pretty awesome sign.  I will miss you Baja Fresh, even though I don’t think I ever actually ordered anything from this particular location.  Which is at the Texas Station Casino, that I hadn’t been inside for about 6 years now.  Sunday funday was needed that’s for sure.  Dustin and I hadn’t gone on an adult date in so long, which we really need to change.  Being out with the family is great and all, but you seriously need that one on one time.  Maybe we should make it a once a week kind of thing, I mean, we don’t even necessarily need to spend money.  Living here, in Las Vegas lets us experience so many things.  Just walking around Fremont people watching can be an amazing time.  Perhaps we will do that next weekend, just to see what we can see haha, and to spend that quality time together as well.

I really do need to start working on our relationship, the both of us need to take a step back and realize that we have wants as a unit.  Not everyone is like us, some people are aware that there is value in setting time aside away from the kids just for the two of you to reconnect.  This year I really hope we continue to work on us.  We are a foundation that a LOT of things rest upon.  No one should ever feel bad for having to have a babysitter when you need one.  I feel the time I have away from my boys is seriously needed to be a better mother.  I need the time away, to just be in charge of myself, to recharge my mind.  Especially since I don’t work, I tend to get into a routine lacking interaction and experiences that I need as an adult.  As ME in general.

Of course, this was quite the wake up call!  Pretty much felt like, you seriously deserved tonight to be out, to be free, to be YOU.  Yes, I do believe in signs.  I am taking this as a sign that I need to spend more time on me, more time on my marriage, and in the end…if all this is done, I can be a better mother, a better ME.


Appraisal Day

Yes, I am still working on my recipe binder.  Of course, it’s me, and I take forever to get a project done.  Soon though, you all will have my finished product haha that will hopefully help you in your kitchen, or if you’re looking to fill your day with a project.

So, Noah has had a cough for about four weeks, yes I said four.  I kept a good eye on it, figured it was from all of us cleaning the house.  Literally everything in my parents house was moved and cleaned, and then some things were put into storage so a photographer could get good shots of the house.  I assumed it was from all of the dust or cleaning products irritating his throat making him cough.  Today it was just out of control, coughing every few seconds, something had to be done to ease this poor boy.  It was to the point where if I was coughing that much I would have been pissed.   Off we went to the Ped’s, coming out with nothing to worry about, thankfully.  You know with the whole flu going around, you always have it on your mind.  I wasn’t too concerned this time though since he didn’t have any other symptoms.  Noah has always been the one to always catch everything that is going around, so I am just going to try to keep my eye on him.  More then I already do haha, one of those moms.  After we left we went to Goodwill to scavenge some books for my thrift store bookcase, which I will be blogging about when we move and it’s all set up and I can look at my conquests.  It’s seriously like a attack and conquer feeling.

Then we wandered over to Tj Max, mm, sweet sweet deals.  Seriously love Tj Max, although I never buy clothes from them.  I really only go in to look at house things, and today for a planner.  The best thing about this store is, you never really know what they are going to have.

The worst thing about this store is, if you like something and really want it, but decide not to get it……It will probably not be there the next time you stop in.  Early bird catches the worm kinda place, and I love it!  Except the clothes…..They are still kinda pricey if you ask me.  Everything else though….I want!

The struggle is real people.  I seriously wanted that macaroon PLUSH blanket.  It took a lot of control, but, ya know, adulting.  Mom’s gotta do, what a mom’s gotta do, take a picture and keep on pushing the cart on by.  One day, one day this mom will have a job, and another designer will come out with an even better macaroon blanket.  Yup, that’s gonna be MY day.  How many moms out there say this to themselves in stores?  I can not be alone on this one guys.  I know it’s only 14.99, but it all adds up man.  All adds up to a ZERO if you’re not careful lol  One day….

But yes, I did buy the planner.  It was an amazing deal for a full sized planner, like the big one guys.  I love it, & it will be used!  That’s my goal, this year is seriously going to be my year.  The year that this mom, this GIRL, LADY, CHICK, grows up.  Kind of……

Because we all know…..We only “look” grown up.  KINDA.  If you know what I mean…

Valentines Day

Well, if you want to see how my day went, it went a lot like this.

What are ya gonna do?  Mother nature takes all it’s wonderful innocent little creatures as prisoner for at least one week, whenever she so pleases.  More then one reason to have chocolate!, right?

So, the boy will be home for 5 days straight.  An extended Presidents Day, I am pretty sure I didn’t get this luxury when I was in school.  When did they even start this?  Is it like this every where?  All I can think of is sleep *YES!* and boy troubles.  Two boys in a small empty house that is getting packed up.  Things will be broken, tears will be shed, fights will break out.  Brotherly love WILL be something we, the rest of the adults, will be enjoying all weekend long.  Catch my drift?

I foresee a lot of the above going on, thankfully Dustin works from home, and is a slave to fatherhood.  Speaking of Dustin, he really insisted on going to dinner tonight without the boys for the holiday.  Wait, is Valentines day considered a legit holiday?  I don’t even know, for some reason writing it out as a holiday just seems odd.  When I think holiday, I think the last 3 months of the year, the crazy awesome months.  Oh well.  I countered with we should probably go out on Sunday since I hate asking last minute for my parents to watch the boys.  Even if it is family, people have lives, and notice is always the way to go.  A rescheduled Valentines Day for us is in the works!

I am working on my very own FIRST freebie ever.  I have been meaning to get a recipe binder going instead of just having it pile up on Pinterest, and then someday disappearing when the blog goes down, or falls into the deep abyss of the interwebs.  I can’t lose an amazing recipe from a culinary genius thousands of miles away from me just because I didn’t take the time to write down his/her recipe!  My stomach would forever hate me, especially if it was a hit with the boys.  Think about it, making a meal for your husband and kids and it comes out spectacular.  Eaten without a complaint, and the children are off to bed with full bellies, and no snack in sight. We are dreaming!  There is always room for a snack with kids, even if they ate their weight in food.  Some how, some way, they NEED that snack.  Anyways, a recipe that good can’t be forgotten.

So tomorrow, finish up the recipe binder hopefully, and..APPRAISER comes at noon!


Round 2, & Go!

I have no patience.  With certain things at least, such as the process of real estate.  The sell and buy world is not for me, nope.  Maybe if I was the realtor who is organizing everything, that seems more up my alley, behind the scenes making others lives easier.  Moving to Las Vegas, I did not expect to ever be in the situation I am in right now.  I am in an alternate reality, I swear, I have to be, right?


Let us start at the semi-beginning to not make this the most dragged on post ever.  I met my husband, Dustin, in Las Vegas, where I was currently living, as well as my parents.  He ended up in Las Vegas via the military, lucky him right?  Can you imagine hearing, or maybe reading, you are now stationed in the wonderful land of Sin City, aka Las Vegas Nevada, enjoy, thank you for your service.  When we met, it was pretty instant and things moved fast.  By fast I mean, the Flash status.  He was moving off of base due to getting divorced, and you can only live in base housing if you have a dependent.  I helped throw away his ex-wife’s wedding dress.  Yup, I sure did, do I feel bad, no.  Well, kind of, but at the same time no not really, since she did leave it behind on purpose.  That’s not the kinda thing you forget if you really wanted to keep it, knowing that you are going home across country and that your ex has to finish cleaning the property you two resided in.  So, yeah, once again, I don’t really feel all that bad.  Sure is quite the memory though.  How many people can say they were apart of such a semi-awkward moment, I bet not many, then again…  


Fast forward a first apartment, first cat together, marriage, and two kids.  Wow, time sure has flown by, 7 years to be exact.  We now, and by now I mean, 8 months ago from today, live in Walbridge Ohio.  We moved to Ohio after Dustin got out of the service, we needed to lean on family for a while to get back on our feet and see where life would take us after the military.  We ended up buying a trailer and completely remodeling it.  That’s a whole different post, because it was a pretty awesome experience.  Then, randomly, my brother moves out of my parents house.  We had always in the back of our minds wish we didn’t have to leave Vegas, especially to end up in a small town outside of Toledo Ohio.  We missed everything a tourist city offered.  So we decided to pack up the kids, sell our trailer which was home for a few years now, and make our journey back to Vegas.  Our plan had always been to stay with my parents for awhile, save up money, and then find a house to buy.  


BAM!  Hit with reality, since we didn’t make the conscious decision to check the housing market before we left.  Big mistake, houses here are 5 times more than they are in Toledo, or the outskirts of the city which is pretty much all corn fields and big old houses.  Big, big, big mistake.  When we did reach this brick spiked wall, we really couldn’t believe we overlooked such a major factor in a move this big.  Few weeks roll by, and we were slowly realizing that maybe we have to cut our loss, and move back to Ohio.  At least taking from it that we were able to spend time with my parents, and also for them to spend time with the boys.  This is where my parents age came into play, my dad is 81, and will be turning 82 July 11.  Mom just a few years below him, can you kinda see why we would want to move back even more so?  Older parents mean us, as the kids, even though we are still young, especially minded, have to step up a bit more early on in life to prepare for bigger life decisions such as, the end.  The one thing no one wants to think about, talk about, or prepare for.  You have to though, it’s part of life, it happens, and one should only be so happy that it will occur so late in life.  They are both still very active, which is great, and both in good health.  So that’s all a plus, but, at this age, you have to put a plan in order since all that can change at any time.  With my brother moving to a different state, which, if you ask me, was kinda a kick in the ass.  Who would move away from elderly parents?  He is also much older than I am, and it had to cross his mind, who is going to take care of them when the tables are turned.


Our decision finally came up in small talk, that our plan was to move back to Ohio and buy a house that we could actually obtain.  Understanding and bummed was the feeling, both ways really.  We were understanding of our situation and of course, bummed was the next feeling after knowing your plans would have to be foiled.  A few days passed, probably just enough to get the old mind rolling with ideas on how to avoid having your kids AND grandchildren move away, once again.  


The plan, the decision, the thing that turned our world upside down.  To each and every one of us, our lives would change.  My parents proposed the idea of selling their current home, the home I had lived in since I was 10, the house that was supposed to be their retirement home, and put a down payment on a bigger home.  Meaning that Dustin and I would take out a loan to make up the rest, but in the end we would keep the equity that my parents had been building up for over 19 years.  The one thing every parent wants to do is set their children up in life better than they had it.  Always wanting to pass something down, not letting it all be for nothing.  For all we do, in the end, IF one chooses to have children, is FOR your children.  It doesn’t matter if it wasn’t always your plan in life, but once you have that first baby, you’re pretty much re-wired to have your life revolve around this small unknowing baby.  Unless you’re one of those individuals whose got a misfire going on in the ole noodle.  I have no clue what’s going on with those cases…we do live in a crazy world.


So here goes our journey, into a multi-generation home.


So far the journey has consisted of the headaches and quite the learning experience of what is involved in selling a home, all to buy another home.  It hasn’t been all rainbows and looking at real estate, which a lot of people find to be one of the more fun parts.  I would have to say, when I asked how easy is this transition going to be, knowing that this is a pretty common thing to do in life, buy and sell that is.  I wish I would have had more of an eye opener, more of a blunt and realistic vision to roll with.  I don’t need to be sold on the, it’s no problem, we are hired to relieve the stress and make this an easy transition for your family.  


Ahem, but here we go, once again, rolling right along this new scary journey…..Enjoy coming along for the ride dear readers!  If anyone is even here, or if you pick up later on in my blogging life.  

Rolling right along…in what feels like a beater vehicle that keeps overheating and smells kinda funky.  You with me?

First of many!

How many times do you think a blogger can make a ‘First Blog Post’ entry?  I am starting to realize this event can happen multiple times, especially if you feel as though something is holding you back.  A blog is very personal, but can be shared with the world.  I am hoping, after many restless nights over thinking how I would approach my blog, that I have finally made peace with the direction I want to go in.

I want to help people, inspire others, give hope to those who are feeling the same way as I do.  To give a completely naked look into my life.  Exposing all of my flaws to my readers, helping myself in the process to strive for self improvement.  Of course, also to document my family life, to look back on in the future.  I read countless blogs that have been around for years, to think that now they get to look back at all those memories blows my mind.  A few clicks and movements of a mouse and you can relive a moment that was important enough to you to write about.  I am not saying this blog will ever make sense, that it will ever have a correct flow, is that even a thing?  I’m such a sporadic person that there may be days where I post more then once.  Hey, who cares, this is my spot.  Right?  And it’s going to be EPIC.  

Here’s to hoping this spot on the web that I call my own helps my sanity!