Second To The Right, Straight On Till Morning

You have seriously been talking like crazy, it’s like every few minutes you push out another word.  It’s amazing getting to know you, you’re so feisty.  What a STRONG personality for such a big little man, you make your presence known that’s for sure.  Grandpa is convinced you’re going to be Mr. Popular in school, we will see if he is right one day!  You know exactly what you are doing and what we are saying, but you are hiding exactly how much you understand us at the same time.  Probably trying to sway things to your advantageSmart move.  We see you!  We know what you’re up to Mr. Yoshi.

I can definitely say I believe you were 10 pounds when you were born.  Took me by surprise at the time, had to send dear Dad back home for bigger clothes.  No newborn outfits for you, so many cute outfits lost, haha oh well.  You are still extremely heavy and I have all the back pain to prove it.  Thank goodness you are starting to learn to stick with your family when we are out.  That’s quite the big boy move you have made recently.  I still remember all the times I thought MAYBE I could put you down to walk and you would stay by me, or at least hold my hand.  Nope, you were a runner.  You wanted to go somewhere, anywhere, and FAST.  It doesn’t help that you have such a strong personality, and like I said, you make sure everyone knows you are around.  Even if that isn’t always in the most adorable way.

We still can not go by the fishes at the market, you absolutely will not leave them.  It’s the end of the freaking world to you.  Dustin and I have learned that pet stores are also out of the question, that has to be the biggest fit I have ever seen you throw, in public, your world was crumbling.  As if we set the place on fire as we were walking out.  That’s how severe your emotions were.

We feel as though you are just really recently discovered your brother Noah.  You knew he was around before, but now you are his shadow.  When he is at school you have been caught hugging on his precious Pooh Pooh’s.  When you first see him after some time, such as after school, you run up to him with open arms wanting a huge hug.  Over and over again, you’re not satisfied until Noah has had enough.  You copy almost everything he does, or at least try to.

You seriously are the pickiest eater.  You have missed out on ice cream, cake, certain cookies, TONS of other things because you absolutely refuse to eat them.  You LOVE rice, japanese curry, noodles, and oh my goodness are you Angelica Pickles’ long lost relative.  Your number one thing you can eat a ton of till you pass out are classic chocolate chip cookies.  I will be hiding them from you when you realize you can push a chair over to the pantry and with your height, probably succeed.  We have moved forward from just the counter considering you are so freaking tall and can reach them easily.  No cookie is safe.

You’re number one item is still your blue blanket, which we have named Blank Blank.  You know your colors, minus things like peach and turquoise haha, we have the basics down.  When I ask you, “Where is your…such and such?”, you can point to it, such as your nose, ears, eyes, and tummy.  The more we teach you the faster you are picking it up, it’s amazing.

You have an iPad, but I don’t feel as though you are dependent on it.  Right now in this technology crazed period children are getting quite obsessed with this device.  You don’t seem to be,  you would rather play with your toys.  The imagination you have I bet is so extensive.  Watching you play with toys is so fascinating to me since your brother was never into toys like you are.  He was more so a blocks kinda guy, always building something.  Dinosaurs are your absolute favorite right now, the top priority toy to play with, or watch on the TV.  Pretty typical boy though when it comes to other toys.  Cars, trucks, planes, and ships.

Coloring has been rocking your world lately.  I finally bought you your own set of crayons, *super washable* they say…I will be testing that out soon since you decided to draw on your closet door.  When you were busted you stared at me for a minute, realizing you had done something wrong, and then started to shove the crayons under the door into the closet as if I wouldn’t notice.

So far we haven’t noticed anything you are afraid of, or wont try.  You love the water, you love rides that give you a thrill, and as of right now you are not weary of new people.  Thrill seeker you are though, like crazy.  Faster and higher are your preferred types of rides.  The rides for your age group though, seem to bore you.  Lucky duck!  You’re super tall, so you get to ride some of the bigger kid rides.  I bet that pleases you to no end.